Keto Week 13: I’m back!

Did anyone else read that like I thought it? “I’m baaaaaaaack!” From the move Poltergeist?! Click there if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then watch the movie. Yikes! Anyway, back to Keto Week 13. It’s kind of pathetic that I’m officially 4 months in and have been on Keto as much as I’ve been off Keto. I have just found that I still have a mental food issue for me to eat junk when I’m on vacation. I think that a 30 year unhealthy food relationship is just proving to be a long-term challenge for me to change. But guess what- I’m back!

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Here’s the recap!

So here is a recap from the last time I checked in, July 1st at Week 12:

Pounds Lost: 3.0

Total Pounds Lost: 28.8

How The Week Felt:

Well, instead of “week” I can tell you how the last 3 weeks felt- fine. They didn’t feel good because I’ve been eating so many carbs and I feel bloated and tired, but I did enjoy not thinking about what I was going to prepare or planning things out. I did NOT like that I was not losing weight and at the end of the day I still felt a lot of guilt over what I had been eating. I had a great birthday though, and have really been enjoying this summer with my boys. They are at such a great age and we are having so much fun! I love my job but it’s going to be really hard to go back in 3 weeks!!

Recipe Of The Week:

Okay, so here is one of my favorite things! Theses Cream Cheese Keto Pancakes are so good! Wicked Stuffed has so many great recipes, and this one is  great because my kids like me to do pancakes on the weekend and I can eat these too! The recipe is for one serving, so you better believe that I triple this and there is always just enough for my sons and I (note- my boys are 3 and almost 6, and we clean these up!). Finally, pancakes that I don’t feel guilty about giving my kids! Also, I am still tinkering with the amount of sweetener I’m using in these. If I can reduce some sweetener I’m using that would also reduce the carbs, though at 5 carbs per serving it’s really not bad at all!!

Now, if you are going to make these pancakes, then you should consider a low-carb syrup too. Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. There are no carb syrups on the market, but they are full of artificial sweeteners and I am trying to stay away from those as much as possible. So I bought this Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup to go with them. It uses Monk Fruit Sweetener to keep the carbs lower than a regular maple syrup, but still comes in at 7g net Carbs for 2 tbsp. Now, I use half that because these pancakes are so flavorful that they could be eaten without syrup at all, but I still like to eat some flavor with it. So with the 5 net carbs for the pancakes and the 3.5 for the half-serving of syrup, these are still a lot of carbs. Almost 9 carbs for the meal, and that’s half of my carbs for the day. However, after eating these, I can go until dinner and I rarely use 11 carbs for a meal. So really, this is a great option for me. I get my pancake fill and they fit into my macros perfectly!

Add a cup of morning bulletproof coffee and it’s a great way to start the day!! By the way, I finally found a BPC that I love! I have been using this Christoper Bean Caramel Machiatto decaf and am in love! I don’t have to add heavy whipping cream anymore which saves a carb!

Check out my Week 13 video!

Peace, Love, and Keto On!



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