Keto Week 10: Falling Off The Wagon

Last time I weighed myself, I was .4lbs from losing 30 pounds. I was so excited and feeling great! The long weekend was approaching for Memorial Day and my husband was home all weekend. It was time to celebrate. And how do I always celebrate? Food. I was planning on a day of not considering carbs and not tracking all weekend. And then the thing happened that I was sure would not. One day turned into 3 weeks. Yup, I fell off the wagon. I could list so many excuses, but honestly, I’m not that broken up about it. Yeah, I’m bummed because I have gained a lot of weight (though I don’t actually know how much, I’m not going to get on the scale for a bit, I’m just SO bloated!) and my body just don’t feel good, but other than that, I realize that I’m a big girl and this happens.

I read this article on WebMD about falling off the wagon, and it really resonated with me. It talked about how this is bound to happen, but it’s more about how you move on and deal with it. Last time when I lost a lot of weight, I would do a cheat meal once a week, where I could eat whatever I wanted. The longer I ate “healthy” food, the less I enjoyed the cheat meal. It was pretty interesting. This time though, because I’m trying to stay in Ketosis, I have not been doing that. Ultimately, I think that was a big part of my trouble. I just have such an unhealthy relationship with food that I was still using food to reward myself for eating well, that I still think that way.

Food-addiction is such a touchy subject, and I’m not sure what you guys think about it, but I for one feel like I am a food-addict and this will take me while to overcome. But here’s the deal, guys, I felt so good while I was eating Keto that I want to get back to it and I really didn’t feel like I was deprived because the foods I was eating were so good. The hardest part for me was the constant food prep and the tracking. I’m really debating for a while not tracking and just loosening up a little to see if that will help me keep on track. I will be using my Ketone test strips though, especially if I’m not tracking so that I can be sure that I am in Ketosis.


Another thing that I am working on this week is positive self-talk. I like to think of Stuart Smalley from SNL, (though his self-talk was out loud in the mirror)- “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me!” Now that is a perfect example of positive self-talk. Didn’t we all love him?? That being said, I have been really struggling with negative self-talk these past few weeks since going off plan. I’ve started writing this post several times but keep deleting it because I wasn’t sure how to tell everyone that I’ve been off plan, which led to me saying things like, “Ugh, this is so embarrassing. I fell off the wagon in only 2 months?! That is pathetic!” But here’s the deal, folks- I’m a grown-up and I can turn this around.

While it was nice not tracking everything and spending so much time thinking about Macros, I have felt awful. Really though, it is amazing how good I felt while on plan! I had so much energy and I was sleeping so much less than normal, but not tired during the day. And my body felt so much better too. So this week, since getting back from vacation, I am starting again.

Here’s a great article about self talk with a little research thrown in. I am going to try to remember this not only about eating, but at work as well. The last month of work was a crazy b!?ch for me, and I could have used a bit more positive talk during that time instead of complaining so much. In the  end everything turned out fine but I put myself through undue stress.

I have decided to come up with a few positive self-talk phrases and I am writing them in my planner and setting reminders so they show up on my phone. Here are a couple:

“I can make good choices today.”

“I love the way I feel when I am eating right.”

“I’m proud of myself for eating food that is good for me today.”

What about you?

What are some phrases that you use?

Has anyone else fallen off the wagon but got back on again?

Just a side- note, I teach a lot of figurative language to kids at work, so as I was typing this, I thought, “Where did that term, “fall off the wagon,” come from?” So I typed it into Google and there are a couple of explanations. One, that in the old days guys who were going to be hanged got a wagon ride to the pub on the way to the hanging for a drink. Not sure how that pertains for falling off the wagon, but another says that men would parade around town on a wagon to show that they had conquered their demons. Yet another said that a lady from the Salvation Army rode around in a wagon picking up drunk guys to take them back to the Salvation Army. They were “on the wagon” when they were on their way to recovery. Not sure I can bring these up to kids at work though…


Peace, Love, and Keto On!

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