Keto’s Constant Energy Supply: The Ketogenic Diet

One of the problems I had before I started Keto was that I was just tired all the time. I really thought that something was wrong with me. Something wrong with my body was causing me to be tired all the time, which was hindering me from having the energy to lose weight. Man, that was a crappy sentence. But really, there were days when I was ready to take a nap at lunch break. And forget when I got home from work! But now I have so much more energy. I call it Keto Energy!


Let me repeat- I AM NOT AN EARLY RISER! (*Side note- This is a funny situation from when I was home one weekend from college: A flock of crows was roosted in the tree right outside my bedroom window cawing very loudly one morning. I think I may have been yelling about it or something, because my mom came in my room and said, “Oh, honey, I’ll take care of this!” and proceeded to open my window and yell, “SHUUUUT UUUUP!” to the birds. It was dead silent for a moment, but those damn birds started back at it even louder than before!! I was so mad, but now that I have grown up I’m now able to laugh about it! hahahaha Love you, Mom!)

Anyway, it really is a joke in my family that I don’t like to be awakened. If something wakes me up 1 minute before my alarm, I am nasty for a good hour! I don’t like it and I wish that I could wake up like my husband who pops out of bed like Ed Grimley (their exuberance for life is about where the resemblance between the two ends).

What This Keto Energy Has Changed For Me

My life as a bed-slug has changed! I have been waking up before my alarm almost daily for the past 3 weeks. Also, I have been staying up later and had no affect during the day! It’s been amazing the cleaning that I have been getting done at night now!

I’ve been putting that extra full hour at night to work for work. Ha. That sounded funny. Really this couldn’t have come at a better time because I’m in the midst of a very busy time at work! I don’t work an hour every night, but several lately!

And today I realized that I ran up the stairs when it was time for bath! And by run I mean I walked-faster-than-normal up the stairs.

You guys, it just feels so nice to get up and go, not only in the morning, but up out of my seat, up and around with my kids, and literally up (the stairs!). Slowly but surely this is happening. I can’t wait to be running again. I never thought I would hear myself say that!! I used to hate running when I was in volleyball in high school. Hated might be too soft of a word to describe the inner-depths-of-hell I was sure I was in when I had to run. But thanks to my bestie, Kim, I decided to start running again. I only ever ran a mile to warm up when I would work out long ago, but I was determined to run with Kim in a half-marathon. That didn’t actually happen because I started to have troubles with my knees, but I think if I take my training slower and don’t push too hard too fast then I can make it!


There is so much science behind why this way of eating works for the mind. Essentially, you are not counting on glucose as your energy source so you will not get a spike in energy and then a significant decrease after the glucose is burned. When you are no longer raising your glucose levels, there are no spikes or crashes! There are many people in the Keto community who aren’t even doing it because they want to lose weight or have diabetes, they are doing it for clarity of mind, decrease in mood disorders, and hormonal regulation to name a few. It is really interesting how your body responds when you go Keto. Just remember to stick to your macros and you will be in Ketosis in a few days!

I hope that if you are interested in all the benefits of eating Keto or are looking desperately for something to help with your energy level you will consider Keto. Ask me anything whenever you have a question, as I am an open book!

Peace, Love, and Keto On!

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